T-72 Tank Details

The T-72 is a family of Soviet main battle tanks that first entered production in 1969. It was widely exported and saw service in 40 countries and in numerous conflicts. The T-72 was designed as a more economical alternative to the T-64. It has significant improvements in armor and firepower.

Design and Features

The T-72 features a 125mm smoothbore gun, which is capable of firing anti-tank guided missiles. Its armor includes composite and reactive elements, providing enhanced protection against anti-tank weapons. The tank is powered by a V-12 diesel engine, giving it a top speed of about 60 km/h.

Variants and Upgrades

Over the years, the T-72 has been upgraded and modified, resulting in numerous variants. Notable upgrades include improved armor, fire control systems, and engine performance. The T-72B3, for example, is a modernized version with advanced targeting systems and increased mobility.

Operational History

The T-72 has been involved in many conflicts around the world, proving to be a reliable and effective combat vehicle. Its widespread use and the variety of upgrades have kept the T-72 relevant on the modern battlefield.