T34-85 Tank Details

The T34-85 represents a significant evolution in the design of the T34 series, one of the most influential tank designs of the Second World War. Introduced in 1944, this model came equipped with a more powerful 85mm gun, improved armor, and a three-man turret that allowed the tank commander to focus on leadership rather than operating the gun.

Design and Development

The need for an upgraded version of the T34 became apparent after encounters with German Tiger and Panther tanks. The T34-85's design addressed the previous model's limitations, featuring enhanced firepower, better armor protection, and improved crew ergonomics.


Operational History

The T34-85 saw extensive action in the final stages of World War II and continued to serve in various conflicts around the world for decades thereafter. Its reliability, firepower, and ease of production made it a formidable opponent and a valuable asset to the Soviet and allied forces.