Tiger II Information

The Tiger II, also known as the King Tiger or by its official German designation, Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B, was a German heavy tank of World War II. It saw action late in the war, from 1944 to 1945. The Tiger II combined the thick armor of its predecessor, the Tiger I, with the sloped armor used on the Panther medium tank.

The tank was armed with a powerful 88mm gun capable of defeating any Allied tank at considerable ranges. Despite its formidable capabilities, the Tiger II suffered from mechanical failures and was hampered by its heavy weight, making it difficult to transport and maneuver. Only 492 units were produced due to the deteriorating war conditions for Germany.

The Tiger II represents the peak of German armored vehicle design during World War II, showcasing the emphasis on firepower and armor protection. However, its impact was limited by its late introduction and the small number produced.