ZIS-2 57mm Gun

The ZIS-2 57mm gun, a Soviet anti-tank gun, was developed before the outbreak of World War II. Its design was completed in 1940, and it was intended to destroy the heavily armored tanks of the era. However, early in the war, the high command believed its penetrative power was excessive for the lightly armored tanks then in service. Production was halted in favor of the less powerful ZIS-3 76mm divisional gun.

As the war progressed and German tanks increased in armor thickness, the need for a more powerful anti-tank weapon became apparent. Production of the ZIS-2 resumed in 1943, and it proved to be highly effective against the newer German tanks, including the Panther and Tiger models. The ZIS-2 was noted for its remarkable penetration capabilities, lightweight, and mobility, making it one of the most feared anti-tank guns of the war.

After World War II, the ZIS-2 remained in service with several countries and saw action in various conflicts around the globe. Its legacy as a potent anti-tank weapon endures to this day.