M74 ARV Details

The M74 Armored Recovery Vehicle (ARV) is a specialized military engineering vehicle designed for tank recovery operations. Based on the chassis of the M4 Sherman tank, the M74 ARV was developed in the post-World War II era to provide support for armored and mechanized units.



The M74 ARV is equipped with a variety of tools and equipment to assist in the recovery of disabled or damaged tanks and other vehicles. This includes a main winch, an auxiliary winch, a boom, and an A-frame. The vehicle can perform tasks such as towing, winching, and lifting to facilitate repairs or to extract vehicles from difficult terrain.

Operational History

Introduced in the early 1950s, the M74 ARV served with the United States Army and was later used by various other countries. It played a significant role in ensuring the mobility and effectiveness of armored units by providing essential recovery services on the battlefield. The M74 ARV was eventually replaced by more modern recovery vehicles, but it remains a notable example of post-war military engineering.