IS-2 Tank Information

The IS-2 tank, also known as the Joseph Stalin tank, was a Soviet heavy tank named after the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. It was used during World War II and played a significant role in the Red Army's armored forces. The IS-2 was notable for its powerful armament, armor protection, and mobility.

Design and Development

The IS-2 was developed to replace the earlier KV series of tanks. It featured a 122mm gun capable of defeating any contemporary tank at long ranges. Its design emphasized improved armor and mobility compared to its predecessors.

Operational History

The IS-2 saw extensive action in the latter part of World War II, particularly in the 1944 and 1945 offensives against German forces. It was highly effective in breaking through fortified enemy lines and was respected by both allies and adversaries for its combat performance.


After the war, the IS-2 continued to serve in various armed forces around the world. Its design influenced the development of post-war Soviet tanks and it remains a symbol of Soviet tank engineering during World War II.