BMW R12 Information

The BMW R12, produced from 1935 to 1942, stands as a significant model in the history of motorcycles. Engineered by the renowned German manufacturer BMW, the R12 introduced several technological advancements that set new standards in the motorcycle industry.

Design and Features

One of the R12's most notable features was its boxer engine, which provided a smooth ride and reliable performance. Additionally, the R12 was among the first motorcycles to offer a hydraulically damped telescopic front fork, enhancing its handling and comfort over rough terrain.

Military Use

During its production years, the BMW R12 was not only popular among civilians but also saw extensive use by the German military during World War II. Its durability and performance made it an ideal motorcycle for various military applications.


Today, the BMW R12 is celebrated as a classic motorcycle, admired for its engineering excellence and historical significance. Its legacy continues to influence the design and development of modern motorcycles.