Centurion ARV Mk2

The Centurion Armoured Recovery Vehicle Mark 2 (ARV Mk2) is a pivotal piece of military engineering equipment designed for the purpose of vehicle recovery in combat situations. Originating from the renowned Centurion main battle tank, the ARV Mk2 was developed to provide technical support and recovery services for tanks and other armored vehicles on the battlefield.

Equipped with a powerful winch and crane, the Centurion ARV Mk2 is capable of performing a wide range of recovery operations, including towing damaged vehicles, replacing engine packs, and handling other heavy lifting tasks. Its robust armored protection ensures the crew's safety during recovery missions under fire.

The Centurion ARV Mk2 has served various armies around the world and has proven to be an indispensable asset in maintaining the operational readiness of armored units. Its reliability, versatility, and performance continue to make it a valued component of military recovery operations.