T-34/85 Tank Details

The T-34/85 was a major upgrade over its predecessor, the T-34/76, with a more powerful 85 mm gun and a three-man turret design. This allowed the tank commander to focus on tactics rather than loading the gun, significantly increasing its effectiveness in battle.

Design and Development

Introduced in 1944, the T-34/85 was designed to counter new German tanks such as the Panther and Tiger. It featured thicker armor, improved optics, and a larger turret to accommodate the bigger gun and an extra crew member.


Operational History

The T-34/85 played a pivotal role in the final stages of World War II, contributing significantly to the defeat of Nazi Germany. Its reliability, firepower, and mobility made it one of the most effective tanks of the war. After the war, the T-34/85 continued to serve in various conflicts around the world, proving its durability and effectiveness.