Char B1 bis Tank

The Char B1 bis was a French heavy tank manufactured before World War II. It was a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the Char B1, with improvements in armor and armament. The Char B1 bis played a crucial role in the early stages of World War II, particularly during the Battle of France in 1940.

Armed with a 75mm howitzer in the hull and a 47mm gun in the turret, the Char B1 bis was capable of engaging both soft targets and enemy armor. Its thick armor made it one of the most formidable tanks of its time. However, its slow speed and high fuel consumption were significant drawbacks.

Despite its strengths, the Char B1 bis could not alter the course of the Battle of France, and many were captured by German forces. Some were used by the Germans after modifications. The Char B1 bis remains a symbol of French tank design and military history.