Humber Armoured Cars

The Humber Armoured Cars were a series of British armoured vehicles that were extensively used during the Second World War. Developed and manufactured by the Humber Motor Company, these vehicles were known for their reliability and versatility on the battlefield. The series included several marks, with improvements and modifications made throughout the war to enhance their performance.

The Humber Armoured Cars were primarily used for reconnaissance missions due to their speed and agility. They were equipped with a mix of armaments, including machine guns and cannons, which varied across the different marks. Their light armour provided protection against small arms fire, making them suitable for scouting missions in various terrains.

Throughout the war, the Humber Armoured Cars served in numerous theatres, including the North African Campaign, the European Theatre, and the Middle East. Their contribution to the Allied war effort was significant, offering a combination of mobility, firepower, and protection that was invaluable for reconnaissance and support roles.

After the war, the Humber Armoured Cars continued to see service in various conflicts around the world, further cementing their legacy as one of the most effective armoured cars of the Second World War.