BMD-1 Interior Layout

The BMD-1, an airborne amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle, features a compact and efficient interior layout designed to maximize the limited space available within its hull. The vehicle is primarily used by airborne forces and is capable of being air-dropped.

Crew Positions

The BMD-1's interior is divided into two main sections: the driving compartment at the front and the fighting compartment at the rear. The driving compartment houses the driver's station, which is equipped with periscopes for visibility. The vehicle commander also occupies a position in the front, with access to vehicle controls and communication equipment.

Fighting Compartment

The fighting compartment is located at the rear of the vehicle and is designed to carry up to six infantry soldiers. This area contains seating for the troops, storage for their equipment and weapons, and hatches for entry, exit, and observation. The compact layout ensures that all equipment and personnel can be carried efficiently, albeit in a cramped environment.

Armament and Equipment

The BMD-1 is armed with a 73mm smoothbore gun and a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, both of which are operated from within the vehicle. An ATGM launcher is also mounted on the roof, providing enhanced anti-tank capability. Ammunition and other essential equipment are strategically placed throughout the interior to optimize space and ensure accessibility.


Despite its small size, the BMD-1's interior layout is a testament to efficient design, allowing it to fulfill its role as a highly mobile, airborne deployable fighting vehicle. The careful arrangement of crew positions, armament, and equipment enables the BMD-1 to operate effectively in various combat scenarios.