Puppchen Rocket Launcher

The Puppchen Rocket Launcher, a World War II-era anti-tank weapon, was developed by Nazi Germany to provide infantry units with a portable yet powerful means of engaging enemy armor. Its name, translating to 'Doll' in English, belies the destructive capability of this weapon.

Utilizing a 88mm caliber rocket, the Puppchen offered a significant punch against the tanks of the era. Despite its effectiveness, the weapon's mobility and the vulnerability of its operators in the field were notable drawbacks. The launcher was mounted on a small, two-wheeled carriage, allowing infantry to reposition it as needed, albeit with difficulty across rough terrain.

As the war progressed, the limitations of the Puppchen became more apparent, leading to decreased production in favor of more advanced anti-tank weapons. Today, the Puppchen rocket launcher stands as a testament to the innovation and desperation of wartime engineering.