Achilles Tank Information

The Achilles Tank, a variant of the British M10 tank destroyer, was equipped with the powerful British Ordnance QF 17-pounder anti-tank gun. This upgrade significantly enhanced its capability to engage and destroy enemy armor, making it one of the most effective tank destroyers of World War II.

Design and Development

The Achilles was developed to counter the increasingly thick armor of German tanks. By replacing the American 3-inch gun with the more potent 17-pounder, the British were able to increase the Achilles' firepower without the need for a complete redesign of the vehicle.

Operational History

Entering service in 1944, the Achilles saw action in the Italian Campaign and across Western Europe. Its 17-pounder gun could penetrate most German tanks at typical combat ranges, making it a valued asset in the Allied armored forces.


Despite its effectiveness, the Achilles was eventually overshadowed by newer tank designs and the end of the war. However, its contribution to the Allied victory in World War II remains undeniable.